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Dine Out DC
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Dine Out DC: Guide to Washington DC Restaurants== Find best places to eat, DC's favorite dishes, themed restaurants & more! ==&quote;Loved her suggestions! Megan's the best resource for fun and interesting places to dine. Whether she's writing about a pirate bar, a tucked-away Ethiopian restaurant, or the mecca for culinary genius, you'll enjoy her tips and ideas.&quote; - Maria F., film editor and recent DC tourist&quote;This guide is a fresh, valuable, down-to-earth approach to the best spots to dine around town. Travel writer Megan Tyson blends her own experiences with the opinions of several locals and tourists alike. I've found some fantastic new places to try, thanks to this guide.&quote; - Colin K., businessman and DC native-- Why Get This Guide? --So many places to dine, how do you choose? Dine Out DC will help you:* Easily find restaurants based on location, budget, or type of cuisine* Get the inside scoop on unique dining experiences (everything from drag queen brunches to mystery dinner theater!)* Receive honest, fresh perspectives from someone who goes beyond a list of fluffed up flattery, and looks past the overly-picky food snob reviews. -- Inside This Guide --Get the dish on the best places to eat around Washington DC. Find where locals go to feast, where you can splurge on culinary mastery, and where to live it up with mid-morning dance parties or evening dinner theater. Includes: * Top 5 local foods to try* Fun themed brunch and dinner ideas* Insider tips for over 85 restaurants* Best places for wine lovers* Indulgent dessert destinations* Food tours & famous dining establishments...and much more!-- Stylish and Feature-Packed -- * Detailed information on opening hours, prices, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses* Honest reviews and independent advice* Inspiring with stunning photos* Stylish and easy to use-- About the Author --Megan Tyson is a writer and blogger for the travel and leisure industry. She's a DC local who has dined all over town and mixes her personal suggestions with the reviews of many other DC restaurant-goers. She lives for fun, unique, delicious dining experiences, and merrily shares her finds with readers. She invites you to join her and sample DC's dynamic dining out scene. -- About GuideGecko --This guide is brought to you by GuideGecko. We publish worldwide travel guides - and we love to hear your feedback. Our guides are independently researched and written by professional travel writers. You read 'til here? Now enjoy your trip. Get this guide!

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